How To Combat Lawn Hot Spots During Summer

September 1, 2022 | Gardening, Lawn Care, posted by grassoutletppc

Have you ever noticed an area of your yard that looks like it’s struggling compared to the rest of your lawn? Imagine a spot on your grass where the blades look curled and dry, while its surroundings are lush and green. Landscaping and grass industry professionals refer to these areas as “localized dry spots”, or more commonly, “hot spots.” 

Hot spots are areas of your lawn that look brown and dormant and can be the result of several different lawn issues. These issues result in lawn blemishes which tend to be much more prevalent during the summer months in Central Texas when rain isn’t plentiful and the sun is brutal as can be. Several lawn problems present the same symptoms as hot spots, like pests or grass diseases, but during the summer, hot spots are a likely culprit for “dead” looking areas of your lawn. In this post from the Grass Outlet blog, we’ll discuss what lawn hot spots are, and how you can combat them during the hot summer months. 

Why Do Hot Spots Occur On Lawns? 

Hot spots on a lawn during the summer are typically the result of irregular soil composition. Additionally, lawns with steep slopes and soil that has a higher sand content tend to be prone to hotspots as well. Furthermore, lawns that have experienced an infestation or disease are more susceptible to hot spots during the summer months. When planting new grass or installing sod, it’s important to test your soil quality and give it the care that it needs if necessary to avoid problems like hot spots in the future. 

How To Prevent Hot Spots on Your Lawn

One of the best ways to prevent hot spots on your lawn is by ensuring that your soil is nice and healthy. Soils that are rich in organic, loamy material is what you’re looking for as far as healthy soil texture goes. It’s also important to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper amount of water — not too much, and certainly not too little. Watering your lawn too little is a bad thing goes without saying, but too much water can result in things like fungal lawn diseases as well as rot. If any sort of fungal lawn disease or pest infestations do occur, dealing with these issues as soon as possible is another way to combat hot spots on your lawn. It’s also important to not over or under-fertilize your lawn; do your research regarding how much fertilizer is right for the type of grass on your lawn. In general, proper summer lawn care is the best way to prevent any sort of issues that may affect your lawn. 

It’s also important that you consistently aerate and topdress your lawn each season. The quality of the topsoil you use is just as important as the soil of your lawn, so don’t use low-quality topsoil which can come with weeds and disease. You can give your soil an extra fighting chance using things like soil conditioners and bio inoculants, which can be found at any hardware store or big box garden department. Finally, always keep your lawn free of debris like leaves or sticks, which can result in unhealthy grass by harboring excessive moisture and attracting pests. 

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