Zoysia vs Buffalo: A Comparison

As two of the most popular grass selections, Zoysia grass and Buffalo grass are both lush and beautiful species of grass that are suited for both large- and small-scale planting and maintenance. Because each grass is good for different types of landscapes and situations, the comparison between the two isn’t really one about pros or cons. It ultimately comes down to what suits your needs best. Take a quick look at this rundown of key points of the two grasses:


Zoysia Grass:

mowed grass

  • Better shade tolerance

  • Forms a denser and thicker sod, preventing weed growth

  • Good traffic tolerance

  • Pest resistant

  • Drought tolerant

  • More difficult to mow

    • depending on the specific type of Zoysia grass that you have, different mowing methods should be applied.

    • Typically, Zoysia grass is mowed with either a rotary or reel mower.

    • Ask your sod provider or a lawn professional for more information about the specific variety you choose

  • Requires .75” of water each week

  • More expensive because of slow cultivation rate

  • Darker green


Buffalo Grass

fresh buffalo grass

  • Requires full sun

  • Less shade tolerance

  • Sod is not very thick and thus can leave room for weeds to grow

  • Cold tolerant

  • Pest tolerant

  • Drought tolerant

  • Easy to mow

    • Consider mowing Buffalo grass tall, at around three to five inches, to help keep out weeds

  • Requires only .3” water each week

  • Less expensive

  • Blue-green


Both of these grasses have their benefits and downfalls, and depending on your lawn, each factor weighs differently. If either of these grasses sound suitable for your lawn and grass needs, you can shop online at The Grass Outlet. If you have further questions or would like to discuss other options, contact The Grass Outlet today to talk to a professional.



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