Yellow Grass: Delayed Installation

February 17, 2021 | Concern Solutions, Days 1-3, Days 4-14, posted by Milena

Grass is a living product that relies on prompt installation and proper, daily irrigation to pull out of transplant shock and establish a healthy root system. As mentioned on our Grass Care page,   If your sod has turned yellow and has not yet been installed, you need to complete your installation ASAP. Make sure to saturate each zone promptly once it is planted.

If the grass has not sat on the pallet for longer than a fewdays, it is possible the grass may make a full recovery if installed and irrigated asap. This will largely depend on the ground preparation, irrigation method & schedule, ambient temperatures, weather, etc. As illustrated in the picture above, the longer the sod sits on the pallet, the less healthy it becomes. The more time that passes without installation, the less likely some or all of it will recover. Further, depending on the variety, the longer it sits and stresses, the less healthy it may remain throughout its life.

Again, the grass must be installed as soon as possible to improve its likelihood of survival and remaining healthy. It is essential that you keep the soil deeply saturated to help it pull out of the stress and encourage root development. Also, do not apply any chemicals, fertilizers, or anything else that might stress the sod more until your grass has fully rooted and greened back up.

– Good luck!