Yellow Grass: Chinch Bugs

February 18, 2021 | Concern Solutions, Days 4-14, posted by Milena




Most common lawn issues look incredibly similar to one another when they first present themselves. The best course of action is first to troubleshoot as best you can to determine what is causing the problem. This Earth-Wise Guide to Common Lawn Problems flowchart will instruct you on how to make this determination. Otherwise, you might consider having a lawn care professional come out to make an assessment, perform some tests, and make recommendations on eliminating the problem.

 Although Southern Chinch Bugs are most common and the most destructive in St. Augustine, they can also feed on Bermuda and Zoysia. However, they will only feed on Bermuda and Zoysia when these varieties are grown near St. Augustine.

 Unfortunately, it can be challenging to control Chinch Bugs because they hatch and mature very quickly, and there can be 3 to 6 generations every year. Because of this, strategically timing your pesticide application is the most critical factor in being successful. Additionally, this short YouTube video will give you visual instructions on identifying and treating Chinch Bugs.


  • Underwatering 
  • Prolonged hot, dry weather
  • Variety (St. Augustine)


Other Possible Issues:

  • Drought stress
  • Fungus
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Chemical Burn