What’s the Best Season to Seed, Feed, and Plant?

October 25, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

I love fall for the obvious reasons. The crisp cool air, falling colorful leaves, and of course the approaching holidays are hard not to love. I personally love fall so I have decided that I would give you more reasons to love it too. For anybody thinking about when they should plant, seed or fertilize their lawn, fall is actually a great time to do that.

wooden rake with leaves

The fact that the weather gets cooler is very nice especially if you are used to Texas heat. The hot summer months can really take a toll on the health of your lawn especially if you are used to living in a water restricted area. If you want to have lush green grass in the spring the best time to prepare for that is during the fall season. The soil will be moist from dew and rain yet still warm from the previous hot months. Whatever gets put in the ground will have an ideal situation for growing and developing strong roots. By making sure to seed and fertilize your lawn in the fall, you will give it enough nutrients to really last through the cold winter months and come out great for the spring.

Just like seeding and fertilizing, fall is a great time to plant. I love the look of a yard when there are some great flowers and plants in someone’s lawn. Plant in the fall so by the time spring comes you’ll have beautiful plants and flowers to look at.

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