Top Choices for Drought-Tolerant Grass

March 14, 2013 | Blog

If you’re looking to lower your water bill, replacing your grass with a drought-tolerant variety may be the right choice. According to the EPA, lawns account for one-third of the United States’ water usage. Drought-tolerant grasses can give you the best of both worlds: a lush, green lawn and a water bill that doesn’t eat up your paycheck.

But drought-tolerant grass isn’t just about saving money anymore: A growing number of cities, including San Antonio, are passing ordinances that require residential and commercial developers to plant grass that requires little to no water for long periods.

San Antonio’s water department recommends these grass varieties to conserve water:

  • Bermuda — A full-sun grass perfect for high-traffic areas
  • Zoysia — A slow-growing grass that tolerates sun and shade and foot traffic
  • St. Augustine — A grass that works best in low-traffic, shady areas
  • Buffalo — A tall-growing grass for low-traffic, high sun areas

Helping families choose a grass variety that meets all of their needs, including water-usage requirements, is a cause dear to our hearts. Because of this, we offer all four types of these grasses and give our customers a way to narrow down their search to grass varieties that work with their region and lifestyle. Check out all of the varieties we offer in our shop and use your sliders to find the perfect kind of grass for your lawn.