The Best Way To Get Rid of Weeds

October 18, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

Do you have stubborn weeds poking out of your lawn, that never seem to stay gone? Well rest assured, because there are ways to combat those pesky weeds to keep your lawn in tip top shape. Instead of only looking for one solution to kiss those weeds goodbye, it may be better to use a variety of options to ensure their doom. Before we do anything it is important to identify what we are dealing with. You may be dealing with crabgrass, ragweed or my personal favorite dandelions. Whichever weed you have ruining your lawn you can use some of these methods to get those pesky things out.

  • caucasian male crouching in the grassPull – Most weeds can be taken care of if you pull them out. Try to do this when the soil is a little more damp which will make it easier and take the whole root out so they seeds don’t spread creating more weeds.
  • Herbicide – Use herbicide which is toxic to plants and interferes with the weed growth, to spot treat the areas in your yard where they grow the most. Be very careful with this product as it can be harmful to people if they don’t use it properly.
  • Mulch- This is a method used in gardens to prevent the weeds from popping up. Apply a good amount of mulch so that it is at least an inch thick. Then regularly check to see if you need to pull out any of those pesky weeds that come through.

By using a couple of different ways to get rid of weeds you will at least work to prevent future weeds from coming through. Keep your lawn thick and green and be proactive about keeping your lawn weed free. Contact The Grass Outlet with any questions you have about your lawn care. We’d love to hear from you!