Lawn Care During The Summer

February 24, 2014 | Lawn Care, posted by Sasha

In Texas, summers are extremely hot and dry, which can be fatal for a lawn if it is not properly cared for. Though, lawns require upkeep year round, there are several, easy steps that one can take to ensure the survival of a lawn in a hot summer. Most of these precautions should take place during the other seasons. So what can be done to spare a lawn from the scorching, Texas heat?

raking leaves

Remove Thatch In The Fall

Raking leaves can not only clear the lawn of dead leaves, but it can also help pull up and remove excess thatch. Thatch is dead plant material that piles up on the ground. Built up thatch can block sunlight from reaching the grass and can also prevent water from reaching the grass roots, which can cause the grass to die. Removing thatch is one of the steps to help give your lawn a fighting chance during a hot summer.

Feed The Lawn Regularly

Fertilizing your lawn is necessary for keeping it alive during the summer. The hot temperatures and dryness of summer can turn grass dry and the nutrients need to be replenished. Nutrients can be replenished by using the correct fertilizer for the grass type of your lawn. A well fed lawn is one of the best ways to keep your lawn alive during the summer. A well fed lawn will grow in thick, which cools the soil which helps the lawn handle the heat. However, keep in mind that if the grass in your lawn becomes dormant, feeding it will not help. Rain will revive dormant grass.

Do Not Cut Your Lawn Too Short

Most people do not know that cutting their lawn too short can be the main reason that grass becomes dry and may die. This is due to the fact that shorter grass has shorter roots. The longer the grass, the longer the roots. Longer roots are able to reach down for moisture, even in times of extremely high temperatures. Lawn mowers can be adjusted so that grass is left longer when mowed. This is a great habit to practice during the summer months.

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Watering frequently is necessary to keeping a lawn alive, but not just during the summer. However, watering must be done in a specific way to keep your lawn from dying during the summer. A lawn must be watered deeply in order for the grass to really absorb the water. Longer grass needs more water to survive. If watering is shallow, the roots of the grass will also be shorter. It is also best to water lawns earlier in the morning, to reduce waste.

Lawn upkeep in the Texas heat can be frustrating, but it is doable. If you have any questions regarding lawn care during the summer or grass replacement, contact the Grass Outlet today!