Increase Your Home’s Value With Sod Grass!

December 4, 2013 | Grass, Lawn Care, posted by Sasha

home with built in stone pathway in the lawn

CNN Money article suggests that a beautiful yard increases a home’s value by 5% to 11%, and the most critical part of your property’s lawn is, of course, the grass. Does your yard need a pick-me-up? The best way to give your lawn a high-impact makeover is by installing some luscious, beautiful green grass and maintaining it properly so that it can thrive.

How Does A Good Lawn Increase Home Value?

It is very simple actually, and you probably can figure it out on your own. Basically, an attractive exterior is as important to homebuyers as the inside of a house is. Curb appeal matters not only aesthetically, but it means that the new owners will not have to put money into revamping it on their own.

A Maintained Lawn Reflects Well On Previous Owners

The lawn is the first thing a person sees when walking into a home, and for home buyers, first impressions matter. If a home’s lawn in well maintained and beautiful, chances are, a potential home buyer will assume that other aspects of the home have been well-taken of. If a lawn looks like it has not been touched in decades, possible buyers will probably presume that electrical, cosmetic, and plumbing issues within the home have also not been addressed. Not to mention, a home’s curb appeal gets people in the door, especially during open houses. Therefore, if a lawn is brown and patchy or even overgrown, potential homebuyers could get scared away by an initial bad impression, and ultimately pass over your home.

Sod Grass Experts

If you have any questions about sod grass and what type will enhance your property value, call the sod experts at The Grass Outlet. We would love to hear from you!