How to Maintain and Grow Grass for Bare Spots in the Winter

January 5, 2017 | Lawn Care, posted by Sasha

Even in areas like Texas that enjoy milder winter weather, the colder season can still cause serious problems for your yard. One of the biggest issues — and most obvious — is the appearance of bare spots of grass in the winter months. These bare spots, which are areas of your yard with very little or no grass, can completely ruin the aesthetic of your yard during the cold season. There are several reasons why this could occur, including lack of water, disease, insect damage, and shade stress. However, with the right lawn care you can both repair your yard and prevent further damage from dead spots.

Repairing Bare Spots With Sod Grass

The first step in repair is identifying the problem, with the help of a lawn professional if needed. This not only affects the work necessary for repair but will help you protect your yard for the future. Next, you’ll need to prepare straight sections of soil by loosening it, discarding debris and raking it smooth.

Laying the sod grass follows, which may need additional work to ensure tight contact with the soil. Finally, you’ll need to stay off the grass while watering it thoroughly so that it gets established. This post on patching grass provides more details on properly repairing bare spots.

Protecting Your Yard From Bare Spots

The best techniques to protect your yard from bare spots are much the same as the steps to properly repair these grassless areas. Preparing the soil before adding the sod grass can be the most important factor in an attractive lawn; this includes removing rocks, sticks and debris, as well as adding necessary nutrients for long-term yard health.

Consistent, generous watering at the beginning is also vital to prevent bare spots caused by dry soil. If you are laying sod grass in Texas in winter, you’ll want to take special new sod precautions to ensure it can take root and grow successfully.

Winter can present unique challenges for maintaining a lush, green yard. If you already have bare spots in your yard, they can be repaired to make your yard beautiful once again — and the right maintenance will prevent further dead spot damage. For help on repairing and preventing bare grass spots, contact the experts at The Grass Outlet.