Which Bugs Help My Lawn Thrive?

December 26, 2019 | Lawn Care, Pests, posted by grassoutletppc

Have you come across bugs on your lawn? Before you run to grab your insecticide, pause and take a closer look at them. Not all bugs are bad for your lawn. In fact, there are many that actually help maintain the ecosystem of your yard. Watch out for some of these critters on your lawn, and be sure to leave them be.


Earthworms are perhaps some of the most important insects that you can have in your lawn and garden. These worms actively move beneath your lawn to break up clumps of soil and improve the general oxygenation of your earth. They help aerate all types of root systems, encouraging healthy airflow and reducing the risk of rot and backup. If your soil has earthworms, it is very likely that you have a thriving lawn with plenty of room to grow.

Ground Beetles

Most beetles should be left alone around your lawn, but ground beetles, in particular, encourage the healthy growth of your lawn. These insects are identified by their black and shiny carapaces, and they love to eat all types of destructive creatures around your lawn, including slugs and snails. These insects typically hide beneath stones and around logs, so keeping a little bit of ground cover around your lawn can be a good way to encourage these beetles to proliferate and keep your yard safe.

Honey Bees

Keeping the beehive far from your home is important, but if you spot honey bees in the wild around your lawn, it is a good idea to leave them be. Take a look at the size of the bees to figure out what species they are. If you notice that they are smaller and fuzzier, they are honey bees. They very rarely sting humans, and they work tirelessly to pollinate shrubs and flowers. Leave them on your lawn if you have natural flower fixtures nearby.


Ladybugs are perhaps some of the most important insects to find on your lawn, especially if you find yourself dealing with other insects. These beetles are identified by their red and orange shells and patterned black spots. They fill a vital role in your yard by eating mealybugs, aphids and a number of other harmful pests. Keeping these bugs around your lawn can be a good way to discourage the presence of all types of pests.


Though they may be frightening to run into, spiders are a natural part of the ecosystem as well. They are very important to have in the lawn because, like ladybugs, they eat all types of pests that can harm your greenery. Some of their most commonly hunted prey include bed bugs, aphids, mosquitos, and fruit flies. They are attracted by tall plants and comfortable, dark places, so be sure to keep tall sections around your grass if you want to keep spiders around.

Keeping A Green Lawn in Texas

If you find that you are lacking in some way regarding your lawn, it can often be a good idea to introduce these creatures to your ecosystem. Bugs like earthworms and ladybugs, for example, can be purchased from trusted sources and put into your garden to keep your soil rich and harmful aphids at bay. For general help with a new lawn or grass, count on The Grass Outlet. We offer several types of grass, perfect for all types of backyards and climates.

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