5 Types of Pathways to Upgrade Your Lawn

October 4, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

If you’re looking to upgrade your lawn and increase its usability then getting a customized pathway may be what you need. Putting a pathway in your lawn is useful for many reasons. It prevents your grass from getting trampled on, and also gives you a clean path to walk on so your shoes don’t get as wet or muddy. By giving your children, animals, and visitors a direct path to your door you’ll protect your grass while still allowing them to enjoy all the hard work you put into your lawn. Not only is it useful for walking purposes but it also looks great and can give your home and lawn a fresh, new look.

home with asymmetrical stony path

There are many different types of pathways you can choose that vary in price, size, and color. Here are five types of pathways you can choose that look great in any lawn.

  • Brick has a distinct color that many love and lasts a long time. It’s pretty easy to put in and looks great in most lawns, just make sure to remove any moss build up that begins to collect on top.
  • Stone is a great option because it can be mowed over so your lawn will still be easy to maintain. There are tons of different looks and sizes of stones you can get to really customize your lawn to your taste.
  • Wood is a great option too, because you can space the pieces out or put them close together depending on your preference. It can be mowed over and last a good amount if you put it in right and get quality material.
  • Pea Gravel has a better look than regular gravel and is pretty inexpensive. Make sure to provide a barrier to contain the pieces or they will scatter in your lawn.
  • Crushed Granite Gravel has chunkier pieces but is similar to the feel of sand. It’s great for pathways and easy to walk on, but can be hard to find and costly depending on where you live.

Use these ideas to upgrade your lawn and get a lawn personalized to you. If you have any questions about sod, fertilizer, mowing or anything else lawn related contact The Grass Outlet. We would love to hear from you and help you get the lawn you want.