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Where Your Grass is Grown

Turf grass sold at The Grass Outlet comes from family farms located in the rich soils and ideal climate of the Texas Coast. We started farming grass in the 1970s, when our family patriarch, Red Piwonka, was approached by a Houston developer who noticed the large areas of carpet-grass growing native on our farm along the coast. Red began selling turfgrass by the truckload to wholesalers throughout Texas and quickly heard from his customers that the quality of his grass was second to none.

Red’s dedication to providing a quality product helped our family farm grow into a successful business. Now, many of Red’s seven sons have followed in his footsteps, producing quality grass on our family-owned farms and supplying The Grass Outlet, run by Red’s grandson, Mike, with the high-quality sod grass that we provide to homeowners across the state.

A Commitment to Quality

We grow most of our own grass on our farms, harvest each pallet daily by the order, and then ship it to its destination within 24 hours.  Being involved in every aspect of the process ensures quality grass is delivered fresh and on time.
 Mike Piwonka, The Grass Outlet –  Owner

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