person with gloves placing grass

Once you’re done preparing your yard for sod, the installation is typically simple and depending on the size of your project and available help, should be finished in a day.

Before you lay the sod, rake the soil to make sure the surface is level and close to 1 inch below any paved spots such as a sidewalk.  In the summer months you can lightly wet the area to cool the ground before laying down the grass.  Avoid getting the soil too wet and creating a muddy surface that inhibits a manageable work area.

Installing the Sod

Once the fresh grass is delivered to your site, it’s important to have it down within 24 hours. Leaving sod stacked on pallets or sitting in the heat on concrete is a quick way to stress the grass.  During summer months, it’s especially critical to get the grass down and watered on the same day.  Some varieties such as Bermuda may begin to yellow on the day of delivery if it’s extremely hot, but once down and watered will green up nicely within a week.

Line up your first row of sod along a straight line such as a sidewalk or fence. If you don’t have any straight lines in your yard, use a string stretched between two stakes. The next rows should be set out in “brickwork” fashion and not like a checkerboard. Use a sharp tool to cut the sod pieces as necessary. The rows should fit snugly against one another without overlapping.

Water Immediately

Water the lawn thoroughly after sod installation. Newly laid sod needs water and will almost certainly die without it. For more information on watering your sod, check out our watering guide.

Roll Sod

After the initial watering when the ground is firm but soft, fill a sod roller with water and go over your lawn several times.  Many hardware stores such as Home Depot rent out sod rollers by the day at a minimal cost and they are easily transported once water is drained. Rolling helps mesh the seams created from the blocks of grass, assists in root establishment by pressing sod to soil, and evens out the ground.

If you have further questions about planting your sod or how to use a sod roller, contact us today.