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Are you interested in buying grass in Kingwood?

Looking for a grass product you love and a sod provider you can trust? The Grass Outlet, one of Texas’ top sod and turf providers, works hard to make sure it can be that grass provider for you. The Grass Outlet is dedicated to growing quality, healthy turf that translates to a plush, green lawn. No matter where in Texas you’re located, our coastal grown grasses can be shipped directly to you! Plus, with our expertly designed, easy to follow site, online ordering is simple. Each of our different grass types is tended to, grown and shipped with care. Don’t you want your sod provider to really care about grass? Well at the Grass Outlet growing grass has been a part of our family for decades.

What grass is best for Kingwood?

At the Grass Outlet we know online ordering can be intimidating. How can you really be sure of what you’re getting? The Grass Outlet’s site is designed to make the online ordering process easy on you. Our site offers detailed descriptions of each of our different grass types, along with several high definition photos in our grass galleries. Our handy “grasstimator” helps estimate how much of our product you’ll need, and our helpful backup team of grass experts are awaiting a call from you! That’s right, if you feel you could benefit from a little one-on-one guidance, feel free to call and speak with one of our grass experts about what you expect from your new lawn. We’ll help match you with a grass type that is sure to please. Below we’ve listed a couple of the grass types we think would work well in Kingwood:

  • Palisades Zoysia is a type of Zoysia grass that is almost completely resistant to the effects of drought. It can be mowed to a very short length which makes it perfect for your front lawn!

  • Empire Zoysia is a very luxurious type of Zoysia. It is dense and soft and makes for an excellent looking lawn!

A Tradition of Excellence In Grass

Because The Grass Outlet is family-owned and ran there’s no one on staff that we don’t trust to offer excellent service! When we first started selling grass to all of Texas from our farm located on the Texas coast, buyers were surprised by the quality. Now we hope it’s come to be expected. By ordering from The Grass Outlet you’re not taking a risk, but ensuring that you’ll receive reasonably priced quality grass.

Order Online Today!

Contact us at the Grass Outlet today! Our site is designed to make online ordering easy and satisfying. We have our handy Grasstimator to help you decide how much grass you’ll need and how much it’ll cost you. Simply by typing in your zip code we can generate accurate and reasonable prices that are specific to your area.