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Are You In The Market To Buy Grass In Frisco, Texas?

The Grass Outlet is the place for all your grass needs in many Texas areas such as San Antonio, Austin, and the Dallas Fort-Worth Area. Whether you are hoping to replace a tired looking lawn or find a better suited grass for your lifestyle (as in ones that require less water, sun, mowing, etc.) this family-run business originating from the coast of Texas, grows and harvests the best quality sod.

The Grass Outlet Is Customer Friendly

After placing an order online, your grass is shipped directly to you without any delays in between and without a middleman who can also delay the process. Because our home office is located in Austin, the cost to ship your order is based on where you live and what you’ve ordered. In order to help make things more convenient for our customers, The Grass Outlet website will generate the precise prices for your order by simply entering your zipcode online.

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A Tradition Of Excellence In Grass

At The Grass Outlet, we are committed to providing the ‘cream of the crop’ grass available in the state of Texas and are dedicated to delivering freshly harvested pallets of grass to your home or business.We are dedicated to provide our customers with absolute excellence and customer service.

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Ordering online is as easy as ‘1,2,3…’ After providing us with your zip code, our website will present you with all the information you need to order quality grass that is designed for your area. Contact us today.