Congratulations on taking that step towards a beautiful lawn!

Please download our Sod Care Guide from the link below to find valuable resources and useful tips to help guide the process of establishing and maintaining your new grass. Also, please review the following important information regarding your order with The Grass Outlet.

48 Hour Cancelation Policy

Once your order is processed, The Grass Outlet reserves your position on the schedule for that delivery date, both with the delivery trucks and our farms. The Grass Outlet requires a minimum of 48-hours to reschedule or cancel an order, meaning a full two day or more notice from the morning your delivery is scheduled.

Deliver Sooner If Possible

If you checked the “Deliver Sooner If Possible” box, your order will get priority on any availability that opens up. It’s possible this would be as soon as a next day delivery. You will receive a notification the afternoon before the delivery.

Delivery Charges

All orders are charged a standard delivery fee according to the delivery zip code. This charge is based on standard access to a standard driveway in a neighborhood with 18-wheeler access. Additional charges may be incurred for extra time spent accommodating nonstandard deliveries. Any request to deliver in an area other than a driveway or curb-side on the street in front of your home, is up to the discretion of the customer and delivery driver. The Grass Outlet is not liable for any property damage resulting from such a delivery.

Water Immediately

Watering is the most critical aspect of new grass establishment after your same-day installation is complete. The soil underneath new grass needs to stay saturated for a minimum of 2 weeks after the install. New Sod needs 1″ of water daily for a minimum of 1 week; Especially in the hot summer months. On average water pressure, you can complete this crucial part of establishment by watering each zone for 2 hours, EVERY DAY for at least 1 full week. Grass in the full sun, areas around concrete/stone, and sloping areas need more water than other areas to maintain the same quality. Making sure the topsoil doesn’t dry out during this time will help ensure strong root development and minimize stress areas in the new lawn. Inadequate watering can result in new grass severely stressing and dying within days. Inconsistent watering and nonuniform coverage may result in stress spots throughout the lawn.

Please download our Sod Care Guide below for more information on proper watering.

New Grass Concerns

The Grass Outlet strives to maintain a high standard in the grass we deliver. However, every piece on every pallet may not be perfect. Occasionally, there may be dirt missing, visible roots and some pieces may be harder to handle. The top blocks on the pallet may dry out during transport. If possible, plant these in a less visible area and give them more attention when watering. Moisture levels in the fields can vary during harvest depending on the weather and other variables and grass may be delivered drier than expected. These are all issues that will stabilize once installed and watered per normal watering requirements. Should there be any issues upon delivery that are deemed excessive, it’s imperative that The Grass Outlet be contacted immediately. The Grass Outlet Team will request same-day pictures of any concerns, follow our concerns protocol with basic information gathering, and work diligently towards recommendations and solutions.


Grass is a living product and immediately dependent on proper maintenance and its new environment. Any noticeable decline in your grass should be promptly attended to. The Grass Outlet Team will make every effort to help identify the cause(s) of the problem areas and help with recommendations. The Sod Care Guide attachment and the Common Lawn Problems page on our website are good references for troubleshooting, as well as lawn maintenance professionals in your area. Please do not wait until your grass is dead to contact The Grass Outlet regarding credits or refunds.

Please do not forget to download and carefully read our Sod Care Guide & use it as a reference for future maintenance! Have a great day, and we thank you for your business!

** Please note, most of our sod is transitioning into winter dormancy and will begin to display many more yellow blades than green as we experience freezing temperatures. It is still essential to follow the watering guidelines for the root system to establish. Additionally, keeping the soil wet under the sod will actually warm up the soil temps and insulate the root system. Spring green-up should be evident once soil temperatures stay at or above 64 degrees consistently.

Click Here to Download our Sod Care Guide!