Yard Measurments Are Estimates

Next, you will need to measure your space. It is crucial to measure correctly and with the proper tools, as even the most experienced landscapers cannot guess this accurately. Even measuring wheels are frequently off. 


The most accurate way to calculate the square footage will be to measure the area’s length, width, and radius (if applicable). You can find instructions on measuring irregularly shaped yards here. Also, check out our Grasstimator Tool, which uses preset formulas to estimate the square footage for you!

Allow for Variances

Once you know your yard measurements, you will want to record the measurements and calculate accordingly. Remember that measurements of this nature are only estimates, and we recommend ordering at least 5-10% more grass than is needed for your space. 

Pro Tip: Keep a record of the square footage, as you will need this for future lawn maintenance, such as fertilizing properly, making soil amendments, applying lawn treatments, etc.

Warnings & Tips

  • Measuring will take less than one day
  • Make sure to allow for a small percentage of waste & miscalculations when measuring
  • Break odd-shaped areas up into shapes that are easier to measure, such as rectangles and triangles

What You’ll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen & Paper
  • Internet access
  • Landscaping Gloves *Optional*

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