As specialists in supporting the landscaping industry, we understand the intricacies of your work. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your project timelines, ensuring you receive freshly harvested grass exactly when you need it.

Why Partner with Us?

1. Exclusive Professional Pricing and Financial Convenience

Special Pricing

Call (512) 996-8100 to register now or log in to access contractor-exclusive pricing and discounts. Your account displays prices tailored to your professional status, separate from retail pricing.

Convenient Stored Payment Options

Maximize your purchasing efficiency with our stored payment solution. This service allows you to:

Save Payment Information: Securely store your payment details to expedite future purchases, reducing the time spent on each transaction.

Hassle-Free Ordering: Whether you call us or order online, your payment process is simplified, enabling quick and easy order placement without the need to enter payment information every time.

Streamlined Sales Tax Process

We understand the importance of sales tax management in your operations. In Texas, sales tax is charged only once, either to the contractor or the end customer. We facilitate this process by:

Storing Resale Certificates: For contractors with a resale certificate, we can store this information to streamline future transactions, ensuring sales tax is only applied when appropriate.

Transparent Tax Handling: Clarify the tax responsibilities, assisting you in charging the end customer, which can improve your billing efficiency and compliance.

2. Tailored Partnerships

We are not just a supplier; we are your project partner. Our services are crafted with the precision and flexibility that landscaping professionals demand.

3. Flexible Delivery

Your project schedule is our priority. With our adaptable delivery options, we ensure that you get freshly harvested grass exactly when your project timeline demands it.

4. Self-Service and Custom Orders

Ordering Made Easy: Plan your purchases with our self-ordering calendar, designed for the convenience of busy professionals.

Tailored Quotes: Need a custom quote for a large project or out-of-area delivery? We’re just a request away. Call (512) 996-8100 to see how we can support you.

5. Priority Access

Experience our skip-the-line service with a dedicated contact number (512) 996-8100, ensuring you get the support you need without delay.

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