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Common Bermuda grass is finely textured, with a creeping growth habit. This warm season perennial grows quickly during late spring and summer, stay green into late fall and goes dormant after the first hard freeze. Common Bermuda works well in areas that don’t get much water.

Note: Common Bermuda usually grows where you don’t want it to. Once Common Bermuda is established in a lawn, it’s virtually impossible to remove.

  • This variety is primarily used for bulk and commercial jobs when cosmetic appeal is less applicable. 419 Tifway Bermuda is typically more popular for residential applications. If your job requires Common Bermuda specifically, please call or contact our offices Today.

Key Points


    • Mowing Frequency: Low
    • Mowing Height: 1 - 2 in
    • Drought Tolerance: Exceptional
    • Cold Tolerance: Exceptional
    • Fall Color Retention: High
    • Injury Recovery: High
    • Shade Tolerance: Poor
    • Wear Resistance: High
    • Weed Resistance: High
    • Spring Green Up: High

    Insect Tolerance

    • Web Worms: Poor
    • Chinch Bugs: Exceptional
    • Army Worms: Poor

    Disease Tolerance

    • Decline: High
    • Brown Patch: High
    • Grey Leaf Spot: High