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Are you living in the Pasadena area and considering a lawn upgrade? At The Grass Outlet we know finding a knowledgeable sod provider is the first, and often the hardest, step. That’s why we strive to provide the service and expertise needed to choose the turf most appropriate for your home or business. We’ll have your lawn looking as green and lush as you desire, with our family-grown, family-delivered turf. At The Grass Outlet we have numerous varieties of grass, each with various subtypes, so that we can best meet the goals you have for your lawn’s appearance and behavior. There are no middle men between you and our top-notch Grass Outlet turf.

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The Grass Outlet promises the easiest, and most satisfying online order experience you’ve ever experienced. Out site is designed to make ordering a breeze and get your grass shipped to you as quickly as possible. Although ordering online is simple and recommended you should also feel free to call with questions and concerns before placing your order. At The Grass Outlet our main concern is how well you’re served.

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