All About St. Augustine Grass

August 20, 2013 | Blog

st. augustine grass

St. Augustine grass is a robust perennial grass popular in pastures and lawns. It is commonly used in Texas because of its ability to survive for a week or two during hot, dry summers & water restrictions by going into heat-induced dormancy.


For a warm season grass, it is rather shade tolerant, though it will not thrive under densely shaded areas. It is only moderately tolerant of traffic, and requires moderate amounts of maintenance. As a result, it is seldom used for large sports areas or parks, but is commonly seen on lawns and pastures. Its density, shape, and color are very appealing to many property owners, and it works as a very efficient ground cover that outcompetes weeds and other invasive plants.


St. Augustine does require active management and care. It needs to be mowed, fertilized and watered every week in order to be kept as a dense, green, and weed-free turf. When the temperature drops in late fall and early winter, mowing may be reduced to once every two weeks because the growth is significantly slowed in lower temperatures. In late spring and summer, with the right conditions, St. Augustine can grow much faster and may even require mowing every five days. The average mow height of St. Augustine grass is 2.5 inches.

St. Augustine is highly responsive to nitrogen fertilizer, which boosts both its color and growth rate.

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